Saturday, October 22, 2005

Step 1:I have an attendance problem.

I've realized lately that I have a problem attending class, as you can see by the lovely figure on the right. I haven't had this problem since first year, I geuss Engineering Physics was more stringent with attendance. I geuss I can owe this to my remarkable ability to coast through learning and learn everything well at the last minute. Also, they are Mech courses right now. Also, its a boredom problem - I get bored easily, as anyone who knows me knows.

Oddly, nothing bad has come of this yet. I am a little frantic on assignments, which I dont like. Most of my time that I should be in classes I have spent on sleeping, The Time Project, Improv Show stuff, or trying to write.

If I'm going to be going through a 12-step program for this (I don't even know if this is really a problem), then I can look back to first year, when I realized that I could read the Chemistry notes in half an hour instead of them being presented to me in 50 minutes, and at the same time be less bored. I have always gone to classes that I really enjoyed, however. Like Semiotics and Communication, History of Popular Music, Electromagnetics, Algebraic Structures, Fluid Mechanics, Differential Equations.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I wrote this

I wrote this for the Time Project:

"It's raining sideways."
"Why did you bring me here?"
"This is where I am going to live from now on."
"I would hate it if this weather wouldn't stop."
"You don't have to visit."

This is a 5-line part of a 7-scene mini play we constructed. I feel proud of it as a moment.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Snippets of Dialogue

Anne is in the kitchen, mixing something. Apple Pie is cooking in the oven. Dustin Enters

Dustin: That pie smells great. I want to rub it all over myself.
Anne: Yeah.

Dustin puts some dishes on the growing pile, rearranging them so that they are less precarious. The time spent doing this could be just as easily spent on actually washing the dishes. He then heads back up the stairs to his room. Once Dustin is at the top of the stairs

Anne: Was that an American Pie reference?


Dustin: No. That was a really long delay.
Anne: I know I'm tired.
Dustin: Good job though


Normal I do make pretty awkward references like this, just so this makes this piece of conversation more understandeable. It was alot funnier in person.

Now I am going in the pool with a kayak.

In other News, I love how this has turned into a Micro-Blog, with quickie-posts.