Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cottage Weekend

This is a picture of the bros (Skyler, 11, Wyatt, 15) and Dad (50). I'm 21. This is from the awesome past weekend at our cottage in Muskoka, here.
I haven't been there in over a year. I talk to my dad really regularily, but I realized I've become really detached from my brothers. They were such a big part of my life growing up and now they've sort of dissapeared off the map now that I'm off being an adult and such.

No matter what age you're at, everyone below you will always seem immature. Skyler is in grade seven. I remember having to hide my raging pre-pubescent boner under desks at that age. I look at him, and can't imagine that he is going through that. Wyatt has out-heighted and out-beefed me. We had a few testosteronal challenges over the weekend. The role reversal is pretty scary for an older brother like me, who has always had the upper hand. At least I can superficially take comfort in being cooler and having had more sex than him (for the moment).

I'm all sunburned and chafed from tubing over the weekend, and its 30 degrees C in my room right now. It sounds like an awesome summer.


Rich said...

How do you know that you are having more sex than him? Did you have a man to man, how's the sex life going conversation? Or do you just have a large amount of sex on a daily platter that any 21 year old would be jealous of?

I'm pretty sure I have more sex than my brother. But i don't know. He is your age.

anonym 2 said...

it's always nice to have 4 cute boys on one picture ;o)

You and Wyatt look completely different. If his ambitions are also that different from yours then you are not comparable.

Dustin said...

huh? who the hell are you anonym 2?
you sound female....

I'm thinking that, at least on average, a 21-year-old university student's sex life is awesome compared to a 15-year-old high school student. But, as to my personal......I'm not going to go into specifics now.

anyonm 2 said...

I am a female "homepage-hopper".
For people like me you included the "If not" in your profile.
Hope you don't mind strangers commenting your blogs. :o)
(Sorry for the anonym2 I used this on another with the same features as yours.)

Uhm... I wasn't talking about the sex thing. Guess this passage is for the first commentator.